Consumers might be interested in selling their mobiles phones in the run-up to the release of a brand new operating system.

According to Nokia Conversations, Microsoft has signed off the new Mango platform for manufacture, meaning it can now be put into production.

It is the latest Windows Phone operating system and will be used by Finnish brand Nokia when it comes to creating some of its newest devices.

The company noted it is "excellent news" for all those involved in the process and means the first Nokia mobile running on a Windows Phone platform is closer than ever.

It added that it intends to deliver the handset in question by the end of this year.

In order to snap it up, users could first sell mobiles to raise enough cash and create a space in their technology portfolio.

Another significant development in the industry came this week when an author for TechCrunch said he had set eyes on the new Facebook app for the Apple iPad, which has been eagerly awaited by users of the tablet.

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