Consumers across the UK might be wise to bear in mind security factors when next trading in a mobile phone.

New findings by Juniper Research has revealed that less than five per cent of smartphones in use in the country have any third-party security software attached.

It suggested that despite a significant rise in the number of threats to mobile devices, few have provided extensive protection.

“We believe that the market for mobile security products will go mainstream by late 2013 as the vulnerability of data centric mobile devices becomes more widely appreciated,” stated report author Nitin Bhas.

He added that high-profile data breaches are likely to increase the focus on this topic in the months and years to come.

In the meantime, consumers could prioritise mobile phones that come with the best available security software.

International Data Corporation recently revealed the smartphone market is set to grow by 55 per cent this year.

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Written by Mazuma

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