The hit mobile phone game Say What You See: The Collection (SWYS) is now available for Android device users.

Owners of handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X+ and Nexus 4 can install the app for free by accessing the virtual store Google Play.

Players can then download one iCanvas featuring 50 puzzles at no extra cost, and start unravelling the hidden, painted clues.

Additional canvases are based on different topics like Blockbusters, Xmas Songs, Football and Video Games, and users can download whichever takes their fancy for just 69 pence.

The game has been extremely successful on Apple iPhone handsets, as it reached number one in the App Store download chart and starred in the top 30 highest-grossing list of 2011.

Developers Big Ideas Corp constantly release new canvases so that players can keep returning for more – a High Street Shop canvas for iOS users was released today (December 6th).

Posted by Claire Marshall

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