There have been many rumours surrounding the existence of a Samsung Tizen mobile phone and it now appears they could be coming to fruition.

A nine-minute video from Sam Mobile, shows the new operating system in all its glory on a Samsung Z9005 RedWood. 

The open source Linux-based has leaked before but this is the first time such lengthy footage of the operating system in action. The Sam Mobile video provides a walk through of a live test version of Tizen 2.2, showing users the menu layouts and camera functions.

At first glance, the operating system doesn't seem that different from the Android-powered TouchWiz, despite wanting to be an open-source alternative. 

Tech Radar also noticed that a number of Galaxy features such as Smart stay have made it across to the Tizen operating system as well.

With Android updates finally making their way to Samsung Galaxy S4, the Tizen leak has had very little coverage. However, if it is to be a legitimate alternative to Android, it's likely that we'll hear a lot more about this open-source operating system.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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