Samsung has unsurprisingly reacted angrily to the news that it will no longer be able to sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices in the US after a ruling from a District Court judge.

Apple and Samsung have been embroiled in a series of bitter legal battles in recent months but this is the first time that the US firm has been able to get a device banned.

The US judge Lucy Koh said the device from the Korean giant was “virtually indistinguishable” from Apple’s iPad.

She added that although Samsung has a right to compete it is not allowed to flood “the market with infringing products”.

The Korean firm was unhappy at the ruling, stating that if Apple continues to make legal claims based on “generic design” patents, progress in the industry would be stunted.

“Apple sought a preliminary injunction of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 based on a single design patent that addressed just one aspect of the product’s overall design,” the statement from the company read.

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