Samsung to release bendable phone next year?

One of the many advances that mobile phone giant Samsung has been teasing for a while has been that of a folding handset. The company has hinted for some time that it is capable of creating a display that can bend, but a new piece of evidence indicates that this development could be officially announced very soon.

A support page on Samsung's website has been spotted for an unnamed phone, bearing the product number “SM-G888N0”. Obviously without a title for the device we have no way of knowing for sure, but it seems likely that this is the product number for the rumoured Samsung Galaxy X.

This fabled handset is the foldable phone that Samsung has been working on for several years, and it has been linked with product number SM-G888N0 several times. For example, it recently popped up in a filing from South Korea's National Radio Research Agency (NRRA).

Interestingly, the NRRA filing was the first time the product number contained the characters of 'N0' at the end, as previously the Galaxy X had only been referred to as “SM-G888”. This code means the phone will be launching in the Korean market, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise. However, it could indicate that this is the only place it will be heading to, at least at first.

Of course, nothing is certain at this stage. While the product number has been linked with the Galaxy X, it has not been officially confirmed. That said, there is a lot of compelling evidence that this is the case, especially given the timing of everything.

If this is the product number for the Galaxy X, its support listing on Samsung's website would indicate it is only a few months away from release. This would coincide with the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in January, which would be a good place to announce the new handset. This would also ensure the launch of the Galaxy X doesn't distract from the Galaxy S9 coming out, which is scheduled for mid-2018.

The timetable also matches up with what Samsung has revealed so far. The company's president of mobile, Koh Dong-Jin, said in September that a phone with a bendable display was scheduled to launch in 2018. However, there are discrepancies. One Samsung engineer has referred to the Galaxy X but claimed it will not be ready until 2019, for example.

Nevertheless, the product number by itself is a good indication that the Galaxy X is coming soon. Samsung very rarely releases new models of phone, and as the code on the website doesn't match with any existing device it means it must be something we've not yet seen.

It would be very unusual for the firm to bring out a brand new line of handset without any kind of buildup. Given that there is already a lot of hype surrounding the Galaxy X, it would make sense for this to be a hint that the bendable smartphone might soon be arriving on shelves.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801842366-ADNFCR

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