A new handset has been launched that one expert has said may be lacking in features, but makes up for in durability.

Consumers recycling mobile phones in order to purchase a tougher device may be interested in the comments of Sandra Vogel this week, who looked at the Samsung Solid Extreme B2100.

In an article for Trusted Reviews, it was noted the South Korean firm had followed other models based around the “rough and tumble of outdoor life”, like the Solid M110 and B2700 Bound.

However, she explained that none of these phones are designed with aesthetics or functionality in mind – and might be a better option for active types looking for a second handset for weekend use.

“It aims to be the kind of phone you can take hiking, mountain biking, hill climbing and so on without it wimping out when it gets dropped, complaining of a cracked screen [or] waterlogged parts,” Ms Vogel concluded.

The Samsung B2700 Bound was reviewed by the expert earlier this year, concluding its battery life was one area worthy of note.

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