A new article has said one of Samsung‘s latest messaging-focussed devices could be a great option for those who prefer voice calling.

Equipped with a traditional numeric pad, as well as a hidden full-qwerty keyboard and extra screen, it could be argued that the Samsung SGH-T559 is something of a text and email fan’s perfect device.

However, Ricky Cadden of Mobile Burn said in a review this week that for typing out items the device is a disappointing experience and instead it is the voice-based functions that shine.

Also known as the Comeback, the model was described as "rather large", but with quad-band GSM support, dual-band 3G and HDSPA that is "surprisingly strong".

Mr Cadden concluded this means web browsing is "quite speedy" and "call properties are solid".

However, the low quality of the camera and a build-quality that feels cheap were among the reasons the reviewer noted make it difficult to recommend.

The Samsung i900 is on option that those recycling mobile phones may wish to consider as an alternative.

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