Those looking to sell mobilephones may be interested in one expert’s recent comments on the Samsung SGH-A887.

Mobile Burn’s Ricky Cadden offered his thoughts on the device this week noting that in addition to being a compact and stylish model, it also boasts a full touchscreen that is very easy to use.

Also known as the Solstice, he added "battery life is impressive" and explained that although there are some multimedia limitations, the gadget does have some "fantastic" internet facilities.

"The web browser on the Samsung SGH-A887 Solstice is really quite nice," Mr Cadden noted, "one of the best we’ve seen on a non-smartphone ever, in fact."

In conclusion, despite some flaws when it comes to music and photography, the reviewer ended by saying the model was one he could confidently recommend.

PC Mag said in September this year that the Solstice was a model that was clearly suited to those on a budget who wanted a touchscreen handset.

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