Samsung Project J was originally thought to refer to the Galaxy S4 mobile phone, but rumours now suggest that it could encompass three devices.

There is speculation that, just as with its predecessor S3 handset, there is a scaled-down version of the smartphone in the line-up.

This will presumably be named the Samsung S4 Mini, and is likely to feature a smaller screen alongside a less expensive range of specifications.

SamMobile, which published the rumours, hypothesises that the third gadget under the Project J umbrella could be a watch.

A proposed list of accessories, which includes an arm band and bike mount, has motivated the gadget lovers to come to this conclusion.

The device is apparently codenamed Fortius, and Samsung could have this product in the line so that they can compete if, as rumoured, Apple releases an iWatch.

People in the technology industry believe that the American manufacturer is planning to bring out a wearable computer, which will work alongside iPhone and iPad devices.

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