Samsung may have been in the news because of its innovation in flexible screens, but now the company is producing a mobile phone with a curved display.

The Korean firm has announced plans to reveal a such a handset as early as next month (October).

According to the Verge, the news was unveiled by a Samsung boss during a company event in Seoul.

Although, Google has already launched a curved smartphone with the Nexus S, it is thought that Samsung's offering would have a much more prominent bend in its design.

This isn't the first we've heard about such a device from the Korean designers either. Earlier this year, Samsung applied for a patent concerning a curved display smartphone which suggested that the bend would be along the handset's vertical axis and would have a kick-stand at the back.

Although, this was obviously an early concept design of the phone so it's not clear whether or not the device will even partly resemble the handset we saw in the patent filing earlier this year.

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