Consumers recycling mobile phones for the latest model with AMOLED screen technology could consider the Samsung Omnia HD.

Also known as the i8910, the device scored well in a recent article for the Trusted Reviews website, where Sandra Vogel praised the handset’s various multimedia applications.

With a 3.7-inch touch-sensitive front panel capable of displaying a 360 x 640 pixel resolution, the many “superb credentials” of the model were highlighted, as was a user interface described as “capacitive and responsive”.

“There are some negative points with the i8910 HD such as the one-piece headset, no Google Maps and slightly unwieldy size. But the good points far outweigh the bad,” Ms Vogel concludes.

Samsung has equipped the new Omnia with version five of the Symbian S60 platform, download speeds of 7.2Mbps and quad-band GSM.

The firm also announced the Omnia II, Omnia Pro and Omnia Lite would be added to the branded range last week.

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