Two new handsets have been unveiled by one South Korean manufacturer that may tempt those about to sell mobilephones.

It was announced this week that the Samsung Mythic and Flight would be added to the company’s line of touchscreen-enabled devices although each would offer something slightly different for the buyer.

The former is equipped with a 3.3-inch front panel, but also boasts technology that allows it to connect to portable television services.

Samsung added that those looking for a more messaging-focussed device may like to consider the Flight, as not only does it boast SMS, MMS, IM and mobile email facilities, it also has a full, slide-out qwerty keyboard.

No details have emerged as to when the devices will be available to those selling mobile phones in the UK, but the duo are not the only touchscreen models on the market.

This week alone, Vodafone added the Samsung Tocco Lite and Genio Touch to its list of pay-as-you-go mobiles.

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