Korean electronics company Samsung is allegedly looking to integrate long-distance wireless charging into its products from late 2014.

This means that the technology is unlikely to come with the Galaxy S5, which is expected to arrive at the beginning of 2014, however the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be released at around the right time.

Speculation is that the two products will be timed to release together, so the Galaxy Note 4 will come with long-distance wireless charging.

Current wireless charging requires phones to be put onto a ‘charging pad’, however Samsung’s proposed technology will use magnetic resonance instead.

Put simply, magnets will be used to charge the phone from a distance, so a phone could be charging whilst in its owner’s pocket.

Samsung allegedly had planned this technology to be included with the Galaxy S4, however the wireless charging was dropped due to problems with the phone’s charging chip. This time, Samsung seems to be getting ready to release the technology at the end of next year.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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