A new article has compared one of the latest phones to emerge from the Samsung stable to two of its sibling devices.

Sandra Vogel wrote in a piece for the Trusted Reviews website that the manufacturer had recently put out two powerful gadgets in the form of the Tocco Lite and the i8910 – which boasts an eight megapixel camera.

However, she noted those looking for entertainment on the go might find the Samsung’s Jet S8000 a much better choice, as it boasts a host of facilities that are ideal for this.

The "hand-friendly size" AMOLED screen, 800 MHz high-performance processor, integrated media player and compatibility with a range of video and music formats were just some of the items Ms Vogel drew attention to.

She concluded: "The Samsung Jet is a super phone. It offers a good range of features and a nice hardware design."

"If you are considering last week’s Tocco Lite, glance here for an alternative and better option."

The model was announced by the South Korean manufacturer on June 15th.

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