Consumers looking for a high performance multimedia-focused phone may like what the Samsung Jet has to offer, it has been asserted.

According to an article for IT Pro, the device may not be the ideal choice for professional users looking for a business-oriented gadget to run all of their work-related applications.

However, the publication’s Benny Har-Even explained movie lovers may appreciate the inclusion of software that makes the unit more versatile when it comes to content compatibility.

“Samsung has licensed the Divx video codec, so many files you download off the internet […] will play straight away without the need for conversion,” he said.

Attention was also drawn to the fact that the South Korean firm has bucked the trend of equipping their latest model with platforms like Windows Mobile, Google Android or Symbian – and has instead relied on its own proprietary operating system and Touch Wiz interface.

The Samsung Jet was announced on June 12th.

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