Samsung hints a wireless charging future

The future is wireless. For a long time now, tech life has been dominated by wires. You have wires going into this thing, that thing and, well everything. Needless to say, it can often result in a tangled web of confusion.

However, there have been efforts over the years to address what is a modern day problem and deliver wireless solutions to make our lives easier. It also helps to transform the aesthetic of places (lots of wires can look rather unsightly).

In the smartphone world, this could become the norm, as Samsung has hinted that this year is set to be a landmark moment. We are on the precipice of a "wire-free" existence.

Writing in an official company blog post, Seho Park, principal engineer of IT & Mobile Divisions at Samsung Electronics, said that the company is basically looking to trial this out with its new Galaxy smartphones, helping "users enter a new wireless world like never before".

"The ecosystem for wireless charging continues to rapidly grow and mature," he wrote. "In addition to IT companies, leading brands from a wide range of industries, such as consumer electronics, semiconductors, mobile services, automotive, furniture, software and others have joined the effort and are working closely together."

Samsung has been working on wireless solutions for its devices since the turn of the century, establishing a crack team of specialists to basically do nothing else but focus all their efforts on coming up with some ingenious concepts.

Underpinning their research has been the brief that whatever they develop needs to be easy and convenient for consumers to use. For one reason or another, there was a lot of hurdles to overcome ("the size and price of some of the most crucial components", as Mr Park noted in his blog).

Wireless charging is sometimes referred to as inductive charging and works by generating a magnetic field through which a current passes through, allowing one device to charge another.

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