News of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone is hot off the press, but the release has also promoted additional rumours about the anticipated Galaxy Note 3 device.

A website dedicated to the South Korean manufacturer’s latest flagship device has just gone live, and specifications of accessories hint at the design of future releases.

The Game Pad, which allows users to insert their device and benefit from physical buttons which can make playing easier, can accommodate a screen size of up to 6.3 inches.

These seems to be future-proofing for later releases, since the current Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a display that is just 5.5 inches.

Phablet devices are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, who are continuing to seek a superior multimedia experience.

Watching videos, navigating apps, browsing the web and a host of other functions become easier to use and more enjoyable with a larger screen.

However, other consumers are put off by difficulties controlling the device with one hand and so stick with smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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