Of all the companies operating in the smartphone sphere, there can be little doubt that Samsung is the busiest. The Korean firm is always bringing out new devices at every price level and updating older versions – all of which has kept it as the largest phone company in the world for a number of years and led to it really challenging Nokia as the all-time champion.

What we are apparently likely to see this year, however, is unusual even for the ever-changing and improving Samsung, with rumours having been rife for the past few weeks that it is working on an upscaled version of its own flagship.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been getting good reviews and selling well since its April release date, but the company is starting to feel a new level of competition at the top end of the smartphone market. The likes of the Sony Xperia Z2 and the HTC One M8 have also performed well.

As a result, Samsung has apparently decided that the only way is up, and people are expecting to see it forge a new luxury smartphone range with the release of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, which would outperform even its own top dog. Rumours have failed to slow even with Samsung’s chief executive officer JK Shin saying that the company is not working on a prime version of the device.

So what do we know and think we know so far about the rumoured new release?


Although Samsung has refused to acknowledge that the phone even exists, most experts predict that the device will be released in mid to late June, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be one for everyone to get their hands on.

Some speculation suggests it will only be released in key parts of Asia and Europe where the specs are often analysed more and matter to buyers, which would make sense and allow the company to one up its competition.


Price will be the biggest issue with this device for most people. After all, if you’re putting out a prime handset, then it will need to come with a prime price point.

Rumours have put the price of the device currently at around the £520-£530 range, which would definitely price it ahead of its main competitors’ handsets.


So what will be different about this device compared to the older Samsung Galaxy S5? Apparently there will be two changes that seek to right apparent failings in the current flagship.

One of these is the build quality, with many people stating that the plastic used in the S5 leaves it feeling cheap compared to the likes of the Sony Xperia S2’s mix of glass and metal, so we can expect to see the Prime packing a new metal chassis if and when it appears on shelves.

The other major alteration will be in regards to the screen itself. Samsung has long been thought to be in the lead with regards to getting a quad HD display to market, but in recent weeks, it has been predicted that LG may beat it with the LG G3’s screen. The Prime could win Samsung this race.

So although we have no idea yet if the phone even exists, any release of a new prime Samsung flagship could really shake up the smartphone market. ADNFCR-2155-ID-801723229-ADNFCR

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