Samsung has always chosen AMOLED displays for its mobile phones but it appears as though the company may be making a change in the future.

Reports suggest the manufacturer will drop the technology in favour of LCD displays in its Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which are both expected to arrive in 2014.

According to G 4 Games, which spotted the report from etnews, the company is looking to apply PLS LCD displays for its future smartphones. The news provider speculates this could be because Samsung is looking to reduce production costs, like a lot of its rivals.

The rumour should be taken with a pinch of salt, especially as the report states that Samsung is only "considering" the move at the moment.

However, if the stats are true, Samsung could cut its production costs by 20 per cent, which would be a decent sum for one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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