Samsung's next flagship was never going to be cheap, but new reports suggest that it could set you back less than you think.

According to ZDNet Korea, the country's media is saying that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will go on sale with a price tag of 890,000 won (around £500). When the Samsung Galaxy S4 first went on sale, it was marketed at up to £600, meaning that users could get themselves a deal.

However, this is just basic conversion from won to pounds, meaning that it's not a very accurate way of predicting how expensive a flagship handset will be when it lands in UK stores. Once you take into consideration the various taxes and shipping costs that could be bumped onto the retail price, it could be that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is more expensive than its predecessor.

The official Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-orders are due to go live on March 28th, which means that the company shouldn't be that far away from releasing an official price.

Posted by Samantha Green

Written by Mazuma

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