Samsung has announced that it will be releasing a 4G version of its upcoming Galaxy S4 Zoom mobile phone.

The camera/smartphone is already sporting Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity but the 4G version will give users much quicker speeds when it comes to uploading their videos and photos. It will also ensure that they are all backed up on the cloud during the process to make sure no precious moments are ever lost.

Although this is good news for people who are picky about their speed, none of the UK's 4G networks have yet confirmed that they will be stocking the device. However, Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S4 Zoom will be available on six different bands which means that O2, EE and Vodafone will all be compatible with the handset.

It is already available in central Europe but it's thought that a UK release date won't be that far away now, although a price tag has yet to be confirmed.

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