The Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled at the manufacturer's Unpacked event on March 14th, and consumers can now place a pre-order for the high-end mobile phone.

Unlocked-Mobiles is allowing customers to secure a SIM-free handset for just under £530, and is expecting deliveries to arrive on April 26th.

Many consumers opt for gadgets that are not locked to a particular carrier as it can give more freedom both in the short and long term when it comes to selecting the best deal.

Light users might be able to cut costs by opting for a Pay As You Go SIM, while others might choose SIM-only contract deals.

Buyers who avoid two-year agreements with operators also have more freedom when they want to swap their handset for a newer model.

Smartphones are improving all the time, so gadget lovers are increasingly taking this tact and trading in their old mobile phone for cash when an exciting release hits shelves.

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