The Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone could join the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 in offering its owners a wireless charging function.

Customers might be able to get their hands on a special back casing which would connect to a plugged-in dock accessory, according to a report in DDaily.

Gadget lovers with the Finnish manufacturer's Windows Phone 8 devices can purchase a charging pillow, plate or stand, which come in complementary bright colours.

The accessory is attached to the power source, so owners can simply lay their mobile phone down without having to fiddle with cables.

It is rumoured that even more sophisticated wireless charging capabilities could come to devices in the near future, increasing convenience for users further.

Resonant magnetic coupling may allow smartphones to charge within two metres of a power source, meaning owners can use their handset easily while the battery is topped up.

A patent filed by Apple seems to concern similar technology, so the function could come to the iPhone 6 device or later.

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