Many mobile phones users are always scared that their devices will run out during the day but this could be a thing of the past with the Samsung Galaxy S3 set to stay charged throughout the day.

People could be convinced to recycle their mobiles in order to get the new Galaxy S3 to ensure that their phone never gives up on them halfway during a day.

Vice president of product innovation at Samsung Kevin Packingham reportedly said in an interview with CNET that all handsets released this year, including the Galaxy S3, will last from morning to night with moderate to heavy usage.

Battery issues have been noted on various handsets such as the iPhone 4S and the Lumia 800, which is causing people to charge their devices for longer than required.

Recent research conducted by energy firm E.ON found that one in five Britons leave their phones plugged in for too long just in case their gadgets run out of power upon leaving the house.

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