There is speculation that Samsung will unveil a Galaxy S3 Mini on October 11th.

Invitations to a German press event with 'so gross kann klein sein' written across the top have circulated. This translates to 'that's how big small can be', according to Techradar.

The invitation features the Galaxy S logo, encouraging people to think it will be a smaller version of the latest mobile phone in the line, the S3.

The current flagship handset has a 4.8-inch display. The dimensions of the mini screen are unknown but it may be more similar to the Apple iPhone 5 which has a four-inch screen.

The Galaxy S3 device went on sale in the UK on May 29th and has enjoyed huge success in the market, selling over 20 million units within 100 days of release.

There have also been rumours that the next-generation Galaxy S4 will be introduced in February, at the next Mobile World Congress (MWC) event.

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