Samsung Galaxy S3 owners in the UK can now purchase an official extended battery kit, which will take the specification from 2,100 to 3,000 mAh.

The product is a replacement cover which slots onto the back of the mobile phone, boosting the power pack significantly.

Users will no longer need to be concerned about scratching or denting the 'designed by nature' shell either, since the casing provides additional protection.

A space is provided for the camera, so budding photographers can continue to take pictures using the eight-megapixel camera without the inconvenience of removal.

The South Korean manufacturer's handset has been awarded titles like T3 Phone of the Year, and more than 30 million units have been sold.

However, a 4.7-inch HD screen, NFC technology, a quad-core processor and a range of applications all significantly sap the power.

Users will be able to go longer between charges and utilise their mobile phone more on-to-go with the extended battery kit.

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