Britons currently searching for a new mobile phone may find a review by an expert particularly useful.

Flora Graham, writing for Cnet, offers an overview of the Samsung Galaxy S, which some could see as a rival to the Apple iPhone.

Ms Graham notes the device’s responsive touchscreen as one key advantage, as well as its use of the Android operating system.

This potentially makes the phone significantly quicker to use than some of its rivals, while its display offers multi-touch support.

“Its huge, vibrant screen and heaps of smartphone features make it more than just another touchscreen also-ran,” the reviewer explains.

Users who trade in an existing handset in favour of a Samsung Galaxy S may also enjoy the possibility of customising their new phone with apps from the Android store.

Some may even deem it to be a wiser investment than the Apple iPhone 4, which was released in the UK, US, Japan, France and Germany last Thursday (June 24th).

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