The latest offering from mobile phone giant Samsung, the Galaxy Note 3, may have the world's first flexible, unbreakable display.

The newest rumour is that industry sources have said the company will use flexible OLED technology that it showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in January this year, according to Korean site Asiae.

Sources were unable to give any more information about the proposed display. The size of the screen is still up for dispute as well, with some people saying it'll be 6.3 inches and others arguing it will be 5.9 inches.

The screen could be made from plastic which carries a much smaller risk of breaking if it is dropped, which is a huge relief if you have a handset with a colossal 5.9-inch screen.

It is thought the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will launch at the IFA in Berlin later this year.

The company hasn't made any comment about whether or not the Galaxy Note 3 will have a flexible screen and it could be years before it is seen in handsets.

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