Indications are that Samsung is going to stick with what works for its upcoming Galaxy Note by using the same casing as in the Galaxy S4 mobile phone, rather than innovating any new design.

The Korean company will be keeping the same look that has been constant with its past models, according to sources who have spoken to SamMobile, which may leave some Samsung customers disappointed.

Fans of the manufacturer may already be excited that an unlocked version of the Galaxy S4 for American customers is coming in June, but they may have to wait a little longer for the new Note 3 with its similar polycarbonate casing.

The choice by the company to stick with the same design is apparently down to concern by Samsung that it couldn't meet demand for a metal-based cover and didn't want to suffer the delays.

It will sport a six-inch HD screen and is still rumoured to include an octa-core version as well as the standard quad-core.  

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