Consumers who are concerned with raw speed when it comes to choosing their mobile phones might be wise to opt for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus the next time they are on the lookout for a new model.

That is because a study by testing expert Anandtech has found the device to be the fastest on the market in its computer benchmark investigation.

It came out on top of other high-profile, popular mobiles such as the Apple iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy SII.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Nexus does not live up to the iPhone in terms of graphics, it outpaces it and every other available handset.

However, there is the potential for even more improvement in the form of the future Galaxy SIII, which a source at Samsung told TechDigest is "a big step past the Galaxy Nexus class in every way".

It was recently announced by the network Three that it is to stock the new Galaxy Nexus.

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