Two of the latest phones to come equipped with the Google Android operating system (OS) have been put to the test by one expert.

In reviews for Cnet last week, Flora Graham looked at the Samsung Galaxy i7500 and the T-Mobile Pulse, both of which are equipped with the smartphone alternative to Symbian, Windows Mobile and the Apple OS.

She explained in an article detailing the first of the above devices that the South Korean manufacturer has included a “gorgeous screen, good camera and plenty of on-board memory.”

However, she said the design of the device was slightly dull, but said it could take on other Android contenders like the Vodafone-exclusive HTC Magic.

When it came to the T-Mobile Pulse, which is the first Google OS-enabled model to feature on pay-as-you-go, the firm was praised for having “done a solid job of presenting an Android smartphone on a budget”.

In terms of flaws, Ms Graham pointed out “sluggish [keyboard] and poor call quality”, but added the large display makes it “worth its meagre price tag”.

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