The possibility of bringing flexible screens to mobile phones has been vigorously discussed across the industry but unfortunately it looks like Samsung is having trouble with the manufacturing process taking too long.

The company's attempts to bring bendy screens to the market has been stalled by problems surrounding the encapsulation technology, according to Korean etnews.

It protects displays from moisture and air and Samsung's patent in this process, which it bought from Vitex Systems two years ago, is reportedly taking too long in the manufacturing stage.

The firm is apparently now looking to replace the technology with a much more efficient process, but it means users will probably have to wait longer until they see it in their handsets.

The Korean site says that up until now Samsung's biggest obstacle was related to the plastic substrate technology, but it overcame it quickly, however the new complication was unexpected.

Samsung has confirmed nothing yet so it's all up in the air until the company release an official statement.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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