For many mobile phone users a lengthy and reliable battery life is one of the most attractive features of any potential new purchase.

Those with such an opinion may be wise to take a look at the Samsung E1150, which has been reviewed by Damien McFerran for CNET UK.

Mr McFerran noted the battery life of the model is "astonishing" and a handy bonus on top of its "pleasing" design.

For an affordable phone from a leading brand, the expert stated the E1150 offers "incredible benefits" that may please users.

As well as the aforementioned battery life, these include an above-average call quality, ensuring clear and concise conversations are the norm.

"If you're looking for a phone that offers decent call quality, solid construction and outstanding battery life, then the Samsung E1150 … could very well be what you're looking for," Mr McFerran concluded.

Ian, author of the Nokia Conversations blog, recently spoke of the advantages of an AMOLED screen, suggesting one of its benefits was its ability to preserve battery life.

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