The latest industry figures indicate that 94.7 per cent of all Android mobile phone sales belong to Samsung.

In the first quarter of this year the Korean company has dominated the smartphone market ahead of rivals like LG, according to Strategy Analytics.

It reported that Samsung cashed in around £3.4 billion for business sales worldwide, with about £3.3 billion going straight into the pockets of the Galaxy firm.

LG came in second with, a measly by comparison, 2.5 per cent of total sales and other Android manufacturers took the rest of the share.

The analysis company also said that Samsung make more profit from Android than Google does, which assures them a strong place in the competitive market.

However the HTC One won’t be compiled into the statistics from this early stage of 2013, but neither will the Samsung Galaxy S4 so we’ll have to wait for the next official IDC results to see how things stand when the flagships come head-to-head.

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