It was recently highlighted by retail and technology firm GfK that tablets, alongside smart mobile phones, are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world but it appears Samsung hasn't been able to harness this popularity just yet.

According to product strategy executive for the firm Hankil Yoon, Samsung is "not doing very well in the tablet market" and suggested that it is falling behind its rivals in the market.

This view is not wholly unsurprising as the company lags well behind Apple's iPad and even Amazon's Kindle Fire in the US market currently, but this admission from an executive is an unusual step.

Yoon said he expects the company's five-inch Galaxy Note to ship ten million units and believes one of the key selling points of the device is the S-Pen that allows users to easily create content rather than consume it.

In a further attempt to make a dent in the global tablet market the firm released the Galaxy Note 10.1 earlier this week.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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