A service offering advertising-supported 3G data for mobile phones has been been launched by Samba in the UK.

Subscribers to Samba must purchase a sim card and then watch video adverts in order to build up credits.

It describes itself as the “UK’s first free broadband service for users on the go”.

The London-based firm was founded by Ben Atherton who said this will mark the end of the hunt for a place that provides free Wi-Fi in order get on the internet.

Subscribers need to install an app on their mobile phone which will then direct them to qualifying adverts.

The firm says that in return for watching two-and-a-half-minutes of video, people can download 517 megabytes of data each month.

“With Samba you earn the credit watching ads at a time that is convenient to you and then have access when you need it,” Mr Atherton was quoted as saying.

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