A new mobile phone operating system is in the works and it plans to knock Google's Android off the top.

Sailfish is open-source Linux-based software, which has risen from the ashes of Nokia's failed attempt at the MeeGo OS – only found on the Nokia N9. However, not everyone at the Finnish firm wanted to give up on MeeGo and so formed a new company – Jolla – which managed to raise around £160 million to work on developing Sailfish.

It would be the first truly open source piece of software to hit the market, allowing the general public to see the code and use it as they want to.

The software looks different to its rivals with a homescreen that allows you to switch between your open apps and interact with them – taking multitasking to a new level. It cuts out a lot of buttons and menus to give you access to just about everything from anywhere in your phone.

Having no physical buttons, the software allows you to use the smartphone one-handed, which could help it to achieve success.

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