The S3 looks set to keep Samsung as the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer.

It was the success of the S2 model – current flagship device’s predecessor – which positioned the South Korean manufacturer on that lofty perch, when it helped Samsung to take the crown from Apple last year.

And now, the launch of the S3 in Europe and the Middle East has been another cause for the company to rejoice as it looks to expand its lead over its rival before the introduction of the next iPhone, which is expected later this year.

“Samsung has closely guarded the details of the phone to create a sense of secrets and confidentiality that then makes the launch into an event. They do ‘teasing’ like Apple does now,” Laurent Lame, marketing director of devices for French operator SFR, told Reuters.

In the UK, a spokesman for Vodafone said the S3 had been the most pre-ordered Android device ever.

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