Those who like the great outdoors may take a shine to one of the latest phones from Samsung to be reviewed by Cnet.

According to the technology news website, the South Korean manufacturer’s B2700 Bound is rugged enough to use while “rock climbing and trekking” and has a few features that make it particularly handy in these circumstances.

The LED torch, GPS mapping and tough rubber exterior are just some of these, but the reviewer adds it is not just builders that will like the candybar-style model.

“[It] is a rugged phone, but for once, it’s not targeted at men in hardhats clutching rolled up blueprints. This one is for the outdoor types – and it’s certainly up for a walk in the country,” the reviewer concludes.

Available on the 3 Mobile network for around £15-per-month, the B2700 can also be picked up SIM-free. This means it could act as a second phone for those mobile recycling who are looking for a tough device to use at weekends.


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