The increasing popularity of smartphones – such as the Apple iPhone – is helping not only the mobiles market but a number of others too.

ABI Research has found that vendors of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are also benefiting, as their technology is used by developers.

It is predicted by the body that the seemingly infinite rise of smartphones will lead to the industry to supply these parts being worth $1.5 billion (£ ) by 2016.

"Leading vendors understand that to be successful in consumer electronics markets, you have to have economies of scale and be able to supply a broad range of solutions," explained Peter Cooney, practice director of semiconductors at ABI Research.

Should vendors achieve economies of scale, it could be good news for those trading in mobiles, as brands are able to compete more effectively on price.

One much-anticipated release in the smartphones market is the Apple iPhone 5, which many observers suspect will be launched this year.

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