Another benefit of owning the latest mobile phone – possibly after trading in previous models – could be created if restaurants decide to embrace the technology.

Andris Berzins, chief marketing officer at Livebookings, said eateries must respond to consumer demand for access at all times.

He noted that mobiles could become one of the main ways to book a table if restaurants provide a service via this medium.

"The popularity of smartphones across Europe has fuelled the growth of mobile reservations. Six per cent of all UK online bookings are made on mobile devices," Mr Berzins explained.

He went on to predict that one-in-five reservations in Britain will be made from a mobile phone by 2012.

And the finest culinary venues could benefit from many of these should they make their menus, details and booking system available to those with hi-tech devices.

Parks Associates recently forecast that more than two billion people in the world will own a smartphone by 2015.

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