Software giant Microsoft has announced that the Nokia Lumia 530 will go on sale to the public on Thursday September 4th.

The Windows Phone 8.1 handset has a 4-inch 854 x 480 LCD touchscreen display and will be available in green, white, orange and dark grey at a retail cost of £60.

Although there aren’t many changes from its predecessor, the Lumia 520, Nokia’s new release will be powered by a faster 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon rather than a 1 GHz processor.

One of the main attractions of the Nokia Lumia 530, aside from its price, is its battery life. With a 1,430mAh battery offering ten hours of talk time and 22 days on standby, there isn’t much to lose for those who need to be reachable at all times.

While 4GB of storage may not seem like much to a smartphone user, the Nokia Lumia 530 compensates for this with a microSD card support of up to 128GB.

Communication-wise, users can expect a plethora of features such as messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype IM and Viber. Gmail, Nokia Mail, Hotmail and, to name but a few, are also available.

The confirmation of the release date on Thursday September 4th comes at an interesting time. With Apple’s iPhone 6 expected to be released in September also, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the Nokia Lumia 530 is going up against the largest names in smartphones.

While the Nokia Lumia 530 is a budget phone, the price and what it can offer for it are unrivalled.

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