We've heard many rumours about the possibility of Google releasing a special red version of its current flagship mobile phone. However, the scarlet Nexus 5 has now leaked in an official-looking press shot – adding significant weight to the rumours.

Although there has been behind a number of leaks concerning the Google device lately, @evleaks has posted the most official-looking image yet. The pictures show the Nexus 5 with a scarlet back and earpiece but with a black front.

It would make sense for Google to release a special edition just in time for Valentine's Day as the flagship has proved to be a big success for the search-engine giant, which is still licking its wounds from the failure of Motorola and the massive loss this entailed.

Earlier rumours had estimated that the red Google handset would be released on February 4th, after a document leaked claiming to be from American carrier Sprint.

Posted by Samantha Green

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