It seems as though recycling phones is increasing in popularity as it has been claimed that many people are now looking at alternative ways to rid themselves of old devices.

Speaking to KOCO Oklahoma City, Craig Boswell, president of HOBI International, said that his firm now takes in around three million old phones a year.

To ensure that there is no risk of personal details from these devices being passed on to thieves or other users, they are put through "rigorous" procedures to wipe them clean of data.

Ms Boswell also had some advice to phone owners about storing important information on their handsets.

"You should think of your personal information in your phone like your personal life," he said. "You don’t want anyone to have access to most parts of it."

In related news, the University of Colorado has extended its mobile phone recycling programme, with the hope that students will take advantage of the scheme, Colorado Daily reported.

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