Recycling mobile phones is a good way to help your city become less toxic, one expert has suggested.

Christina Frankel, writing for the Tracy Press, urged readers not to treat their handsets like disposable razors and actually get rid of them in an eco-friendly way -rather than simply throwing them in the dustbin.

"If you have a cell phone that is not working – because you dropped it, sat on it or dunked it in a toilet – don’t throw it away," she advised. "Recycle it."

Ms Frankel cited figures showing that in the US, some 85 per cent of the 150 million mobile phones bought each year are not given a second life.

But because handsets are now a must-have, more and more people are tempted by new models that cause them to discard old ones, she added.

If you are one of these consumers, then recycling your mobile phone could be a good way to lower your toxic footprint and potentially earn cash to put towards your next one.

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