A new BBC programme has revealed the problem of electronic waste being illegally dumped in countries abroad.

While recycling cans, bottles and other packaging waste may be embedded in the minds of Britons, recycling mobile phones and other old electricals may not be as common a habit.

Electrical waste is the fastest-growing form of rubbish. The BBC said that in London alone, more than 4,000 televisions are dumped every day.

Such products contain toxic metals and lead, but some illegal gangs are shipping them abroad and disposing of them in poorer countries.

Environmentally and socially conscious individuals who want to make sure their old mobile phones are properly disposed of can send their handsets to Mazuma, which will send people cash back in return.

The BBC programme – Inside Out – also found that Ghana is one country where tonnes of electrical waste are exported to.

Under the UK’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, companies are encouraged to reuse, recycle and recover such waste.

Importers, re-branders and manufacturers of new EEE are likely to have to comply with the law.

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Written by Mazuma

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