Consumers who opt to recycle mobile phones this winter may find themselves in a position to upgrade to a device that supports BBC iPlayer.

The television-on-demand service is now being streamed through 3G mobile networks, making it accessible to those with the latest mobiles.

However,’s product director Michael Phillips has warned people to ensure they also have a data plan that will allow them to enjoy plenty of shows.

He described the upgrade to the iPlayer app as “long overdue” and mused that individuals can now watch Eastenders on the train home from work.

Mr Phillips noted that most monthly tariffs will include 500MB or 1GB of data, but an hour of television watching can consume 300MB, so users must be wary about running up expensive bills before they enjoy the technology.

The BBC recently reported that the popularity of mobile television services is on the rise, with 1.5 million downloads of the iPlayer app since it was launched in February recorded.

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