Harmful toxins that can contaminate water are kept out of the ecosystem when people choose to recycle their old mobile phones, an environmental advocate has asserted.

Shawn Kilmurray, executive director of advocacy group Rock the Earth, asserted that small actions, such as recycling a mobile phone rather than throwing it away, can have an impact at a much bigger level.

He commented to QSR magazine that when a single mobile phone is set to landfill, it could potentially contaminate up to 40,000 gallons of water which would otherwise be safe to drink.

In addition to keeping toxic substances out of water and soil, recycling a mobile phone also means that the metals in the gadget are re-claimed, which could cut down on the need to mine more, he pointed out.

According to the WWF, around 90 per cent of a mobile phone can be used to create new products through recycling.

The organisation recommends informing family members and friends that old mobiles can be recycled and suggests encouraging colleagues to safely dispose of their gadgets – and perhaps recycle mobilephones for cash – by posting on a message board or intranet at work.

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