The option of recycling a mobile phone may be of interest to more and more people as the years go by and extra consumers snap up devices.

New predictions made by IBM include the impending end of the digital divide, as the vast majority of the world's population invests in the latest technology.

It suggested the gap between the "information haves and have-nots" will narrow over the coming years.

At the moment, there are seven billion people on the planet and by 2016 5.6 billion of them are expected to own a mobile.

This is said by the body to be the result of it becoming cheaper to buy and run a handset. As the number of people with mobiles rises, the total interested in recycling could also surge.

YouGov recently revealed that 40 per cent of the British population currently owns a smartphone, but this figure will increase to 68 per cent by the end of the next cycle of upgrades.

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